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Alternatives to Equity Release checklist

There are several alternatives to Equity Release of which every customer should be aware. These are other choices available that could mean that Equity Release is not the right option for you.

These include:

  • It sounds like a simple alternative, but you should consider moving to a cheaper property and releasing cash that way
  • Releasing funds from elsewhere. If you have Savings or Investments, is there an opportunity for these to be used instead?
  • Asking relatives for a loan. This could be repaid monthly or on your death.
  • Checking if you are eligible for a local authority loan, or benefits that you did not know you were eligible for. As part of our process, we check the latter for you.
  • Take in a lodger. This could provide valuable additional monthly income.
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Equity Release

About Ocean Equity Release

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What Equity Release can be used for

What Equity Release can be used for

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How to calculate Equity Release interest

Equity Release

The Equity Release Process

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Equity Release set up costs

How much will Equity Release cost?

Modern Day Equity Release

The advantages of modern day Equity Release

How Equity Release has improved. 

Equity Release

Alternatives to Equity Release

What other options are available? 

Frequently Asked Questions about Equity Release

Frequently Asked Questions


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