Buy to Let Mortgages

Interested in becoming a landlord or do you want to build up an existing property portfolio? You’ll want to look into a specialist Buy to Let Mortgage. This type of mortgage is very important to the success of your property as an investment. Picking one that isn’t right for you could cost you more in the long term than what you make.

Ocean Mortgages Ltd are ready to help you with your Buy to Let Mortgage. We give mortgage advice to people letting their first property and experienced property magnates alike. We’re not limited to offering advice either, we work with many different lenders to give you very competitive rates on your mortgage.

When you are looking for Buy to Let Mortgages, the main things you will want are:

  • The mortgage payment to cost roughly 30% less than your rental income.
  • The lender to allow you to swap it to another property.
  • No penalties if you want to repay early.
  • Interest calculated on a daily basis.
  • Flexible payment options.

Are you interested in a Buy to Let Mortgage? You can call Ocean Mortgages Ltd now on 01752 658906 or 07773 422220 and receive expert  advice on a Buy to Let Mortgage.