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Calculating the amount you can borrow 

The amount you can raise using Equity Release is based on a number of factors:

Your property value and the age of the youngest homeowner. These are used to produce a percentage of the value of your property and converted to a maximum amount that they will lendIf the maximum a lender will lend is 30% of the property value, and the youngest homeowner is aged 70 and the property value is £300,000, the owners could raise up to £100,000.

 The interest rate and deal offered: this is dependent on how close the sum you borrow is to the maximum the lender will offer. The higher percentage of your property value you want to release, generally the higher the interest rate.

The market can be daunting to navigate. This makes it very important to seek advice from a Whole of Market broker, such as Ocean Equity Release who are able to access rates from all lenders and ensure your personal requirements are achieved.

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What Equity Release can be used for

What Equity Release can be used for

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